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1 Voter Purge Monitoring

With this membership, you will receive alerts to the removal of your name and personal information from voter rolls within our network.2

2 Personal and Family Information

We will provide you with your personal and private information from within our network that elected officials and politicians have access to. Including your subscriptions, passions such as sporting events, donations, and income levels.3

3 Your Voting History Record

We will provide you with your voting records from within our network so you can find out if a ballot was cast using your name during an election year.4

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Voter Purge Monitoring


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At least 17 million voters were purged nationwide between 2016 and 20185

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Important Information

1) Our network is large and consists of both publicly and privately available resources and companies but may not include every institution or agency so you may not receive an alert in all cases. Civic 365 will make every effort to provide services with industry standards.

2) We do not guarantee that we will be able to monitor all voter purging. Thus, you may not be alerted.

3) We do not guarantee that we will be able to provide you all the information that elected officials and politicians have.

4) Only available if provided by your state.

5) According to a study by the Brennan Center for Justice.

6) Your information will be stored in our system for subscription management and renewal purposes.

7) You agree to the Terms of Use & Service as well as the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and to an automatically recurring billing subscription with Civic 365 when you visit our site and/or purchase a subscription.

8) All video content used is for advertisment purposes. All rights go to their respective owners.